What is the relation between Washington, a far-off place and Gulladurthi

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That is America….. The north-west of Washington D.C…

This is India…. Gulladurthi village in Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh

What is the relation between Washington, a far-off place and Gulladurthi, a remote and secluded village in India?

Now, you are going to see the historical relation between these two places.

In the present era of selfishness where people do not show any gratitude and concern to public welfare, setting up a memorial of the great person who showed a way to these people…… is a wonderful incident that happened in these two places…..

Before this let’s go back to the past…..

Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann_statue_at gulladurthi_ruralmedia
Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann_statue_at gulladurthi_ruralmedia
In those days, doctors used to treat humans like animals in the name of advanced medicine….Treatment was practiced by pharma companies and laboratories using people for experimentation in a very crude way.

Treatment used to be unscientific, seemed to be same medicine for leg or eye.

But….. advanced medical intervention never recognized that each individual’s body and its response is unique.

In such circumstances, ‘Homeopathy’ discovered by German medical scientist, Hahnemann brought a revolution in the field of medicine.

The principle of homeopathy is to treat each individual differently for the same disease understanding the philiosophy and nature of the patient’s body. An atom will be extracted from any substance, diluted to the maximum extent possible, increasing its potency by enumerable times to prescribe as medicine to the patient. In this way, several chronic diseases have been treated comfortably so far. This unique method invented by Hahnemann gave a ray of light to the world that was in darkness on solutions to sickness.

Samuel Frederick Hahnemann , the inventor of homeopathy was born on 10th April, 1955 in Germany. He was very creative from his childhood. He joined in medical college in Leipzig city at the age of 20. After graduation, he served as a doctor for ten years.

But, he was not satisfied with the treatment method followed. He always felt that it was not correct. With that he left the practice and started studying chemistry, Physics, Medicine and translating them. During this period…….

The experiences generated while translating the “ Kallen materia Medica” resulted in the birth of Homeopathy.

His formulation says “ The substance that causes sickness in the experimentation stage in a healthy person’s body, later, after potentization stage, discards the unhealthy condition of that person.” It was named as “Similia Similibus Curantour”.

In later days, Hahnemann did not leave the theory he believed, even after facing lot of humiliation and disapproval from several people in many ways. He lived in the hearts of patients by showing solutions to several long lasting and chronic diseases. Today, millions of people are taking homeopathic treatment across the world.

At present, India takes the first position in the world as country with highest number of Homeopathy colleges and highest population dependant on Homeopathic treatment.


Hahnemann, who dedicated his life for homeopathy did not get due respect and reception…… even the people who webbed their lives around homeopathy could not show tributes to him….

In 1900, thousands of people from Washington of America collected donations and set up a memorial for him.

Later, even after 100 years passing away, there have been no evidences of such memorials to the father of Homeopathy anywhere in the world.

With this background, Dr KSS Prasad Reddy from Hyderabad, who has been serving in the field of Homeopathy for the past 30 years securing state, national and international fame as well, has decided to build a unique monument to his guru Hahnemann, who engraved his livelihood.

This was the first amazing thought that came out of a single person’s mind with an intention to make Hahnemann’s name live long for his contribution to medicine and saving lives of several patients.

July 27, 2014

A memorable day in the world’s history of medicine….

The day when a small village Gulladurthi got recognized internationally….

The second biggest monument of Hahnamann , after Washington

The auspicious day when it was inaugurated on the land of Telugu people.

That day Americans established memorial by pooling donations….

This day Dr KSS Prasad Reddy himself donated a huge amount for the monument independently, to show gratitude to Hahnemann.

World’s second biggest monument of Hahnemann was established in Gulladurthi village of Koilkuntla mandal in Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh.

Many celebrities from film industry, politicians from Hyderabad and Kurnool graced the inaugural function. Thousands of people from different places gathered on the occasion.

While Statue of liberty is a symbol of freedom & equality, memorial of Hahnemann is a symbol for revolution in the field of medicine. It’s the reflection to the ambition of a sensible person.

Dr KSS Prasad Reddy ‘s ambition to establish a memorable monument of the great person Hahnemann, who induced a revolutionary change in the history of medicine is a motivation to many people.


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