This farmer overpowered the drought …

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Venkat Reddy, who had been poverty-stricken for the past twenty years, as he had neither a livelihood nor his field had the irrigation facility, could subdue the situation by digging a well. Once he possessed no means of earning, but today he created a livelihood for others.

In a nutshell, this is the success  story of  Kommidi Venkata Reddy of Raghavapur village in Siddipeta District, who, along with his wife, turned a barren land into a lush green farm.

His four acres farm was a barren land with full of stones. Adjacent well was completely dried and hence abandoned. Though two bore wells were dug, the water was not sufficient for farming. Still, with the available little quantity of water he used to cultivate tomato and supply to the Siddipeta market on a bullock cart. Therefore, he was known as tomato Venkat Reddy. He has three daughters and a son. They too joined the parents in the form works. The income on the crop was the only source of subsistence for the family. 

At this background, in 2012, under the National Rural Employment Guarantee scheme, he was sanctioned money to dig a 16 metre deep well. At 9 meters depth it self there was abundant water. Soon he with the assistance of his family members, levelled the entire field, and transformed it as a cultivable field. Since then, by drawing copious water from the wells, he has been growing paddy, corn, sunflower, etc., and giving livelihood to 10 more people.

Strong conviction even in the oldage

Venkat Reddy owns two oxen and a milk-yielding buffalo. He commutes to the field on an old cycle and carries food (roti). Even in his seventies, he ploughs the field. With an investment of Rs.50 thousands, he got a net profit of Rs.1.50 lakhs. During rabi season he grows sunflower  in three acres. In spite of their old age, Venkat Reddy and his wife spend the whole day in the field, and engage others to assist, whenever need arises. He married off his daughters and educated his son. Now, his son works in a government office on contract basis.


  1. Kommidi Venkat Reddy very happily says,“I strongly believe that hard work always fetches good returns. I am able to cultivate only after digging the well with government’s help. Earlier for livelihood I used to work as farm labourer in others’ fields. But, now I am able to engage 10 people for doing works in my field. I am planning to grow grapes in my field.”
  2. Depending on well-fed irrigation,this farmer confidently turned a barren land into a garden of Eden. With the earnings, he replaced his thatched hut with a slabbed house. He could educate his son well and perform his  marriage. 
  3. In spite of the scanty rains he never lost his confidence. By working hard on well-fed cultivation, he stands as a role modal to other farmers. That’s why the Union Rural Development Ministry made a documentary on Venkat Reddy for showing to all other farmers of the country.

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