Maa Thota‘has given me a new confidence

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Anthriguda is a small village in Pothangi panchayat in Dumbriguda mandal. Girijan farmer Killo Dombu owns three acres of dry land and half acre of wet land.

He narrated how Maa Thota (TDF project of NABARD) has changed his life for the better for ever.  He said……

“Me and my wife Domini are working jointly to grow fruit trees. We have three children, all daughters. They are Doyimathi, Seethamma and  Champa. All three are married. As I don’t have a son, I am taking help of my brother’s son to assist me in the farm. My second son-in-law also assists me in the farm work. We used to grow Ragi and other crops. The income from them was meager but was enough to make a living.

In 2008, things took a turn for the better. The representatives of Vikasa came to our village end explained about Maa Thota and its benefits. Along with me, 15 other farmers came forward to take part in Maa Thota. Each of us plated fruit trees in one acre each. The saplings were provided by Vikasa with financial assistance from NABARD. Vikasa also assisted us in planting the trees and their upkeep. Kerosene pump sets have been provided and we are watering the plants with the help of the pimp sets.”

Growing income…

“We have provided live fencing with teak and Jilledu trees. As sub crops, we are growing ginger and ground nut in addition to vegetables like Cabbage, Beans and Potatoes. I am earning 11,000 rupees from these sub crops. I am also growing Banana trees and the Bananas are enough for our own consumption.

Before I learnt about Maa Thota, I used to grow Ragi and Til. The income from this was very low – about two thousand rupees. After I started Maa Thota the income has gone up considerably. I now earn about Rs. 10,000 /-. The vegetables not only take care of my family needs but also fetch me additional income. I am now leading a happy life. The Mango trees will take seven years to grow fully and bear fruit. Till then the income from the sub crops will take good care of my needs.  Maa Thota has given me a new confidence and I am now positive about my future.”

Killo Dombu , Antriguda, Arakuvalley,Visakha Dist


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