Maa Thota a hit among Yanadi Tribal’s

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National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) boasts of multiple success stories involving adivasi farmers by developing the concept of ‘Maa Thota’. Investing from the Tribal Development Fund (TDF) with MASS, an NGO as the project implementing agency… Shyammohan traveling with RuralMedia team has reached Thimmayagaripalli panchayat in chittore district of AP.

Dora swami, a yanadi tribal from Thimmayagaripalli village, Baireddypalli Mandal in chittore dist.a proud owner of a full blooming mango and aonla orchard developed under Maa Thota program of NABARD, along with about 50 tribal families in this remote hamlet. He for over twenty years worked as contact labour in farmers fields in Sambarpur hamlet and migration to Bangalore and other places in the state in search of livelihood. Fed up with the migratory life, he sold all his meager assets and livestock; he purchased 3 ac of land in Yanadi Settlement in Thimmayagaripalli village during 2007. He tried to cultivate the banzar land but failed and fast losing hope. Then during 2009, MASS, an NGO came with the proposal of Maa Thota, an integrated horticulture program funded by NABARD, if all 54 families are willing to work as a team for raising one ac of plantation per each family. Doraswami motivated all the families. Under Maa Thota program, 4 hand bores were provided for the 54 acres of land and mango and amla plants supplied to the farmers, in addition to teak, seethaphal, agave, curry leaf plants on the boundary. Doraswami recalls that they planted on the next day of death of YSR and in three years, the mango orchard have grown with their sweat and water pumped from hand bores and is full bloom this season. Sri Ravindra Reddy, Asst Director, who visited the orchard did not believe that in such remote area, such healthy orchards are developed by Schedule Tribes and the orchards are as healthy as 5 years old. Dora swami is not alone in this revolution and 50 of the 60 yanadi families have raised 1 ac of orchard each with half ac of mango and half acre of amla with hand pumps. There is no road to the fields and tribal are now worried lot, “how to transport the fruits which is expected to about 50-60 tons in this season” without a motorable road. Yandi families in Thimmayagaripalli have narrated their disbelief to the AGM, NABARD, that orchards can be raised in their banzar lands, with hand bores and now they can’t migrate leaving their orchards however tempting/pressing the need be. Tribal families are requesting the authorities to provide road to their farms (a km) for transport of their produce and power connection to the existing 4 hand bores, so that the increased demand of water for the flowering orchard can be met, by installing drip irrigation. They are also seeking labour work under NREGS for carrying the tank silt to their farms, digging up of water recharge pits; so that they can harvest the rainwater improve their soil health.33/2

Best Farmer Award: Ugadi purskaralu: On the occasion of Ugadi (Telugu Samvastharadi) the TDF farmer Doraswamy and his wife was honored by PIAs of chittoor district jointly at CLRC Bhavan in Tirupati on 10th April, 2013. In whichMr.Kishan Prasad, DGM of Andhra Bank, Mr.K.Sudhakar Rao, Chairman, Sapthagiri grameena bank, The delegates were appealed the Tribal farmers to make use of TDF (Maathota) program as it helps sustainable livelihood source. This programme helps the other farmers to active in plantation caring in their respective villages.


The family has planted in one acre with 43 Mango, 44Amla, 42border plantations during the year June2008. The family developed horticulture plantations by watering through drip irrigation. Five years is over and family stated getting income from the Horticulture.

Mango sales: The family earned Rs.22, 000 by selling 1200 kgs of Mango each kgRs17-00   in the local Market of palamaner in 2013 and 2014.

Amla Sales: The family earned Rs, 4,200 by selling 150 kgs each Rs.23 of amla and   in the local Market in 2014.

Horsegrame: During the year2012-13 he cultivated Horse gramme as inter crop and got yielding 232 kgs of Horse and sold it Rs24 per kg and got Rs5568/

0.50 cents of his Mortgage own Land Released: Due to his economic problems and his wife health problems he mortgages his land to land lord for 5000/ With Maathota Income he releases his 0.50 cents of land. This year cultivated groundnut in the land.


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