KfW Supports Dry land farming in rayalaseema

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Global Warming and Atmospheric changes are threatening the human survival on the planet. Deforestation in the illusion of Development and heavy constructions are decreasing the ground water levels. The irregular rain fall spells are decreasing the agricultural output day by day. The falling water levels of the great rivers are leading to Water Shortage. It is high time, we started water conservation during these circumstances.

 Having learnt, the tribal farmers of Chittoor District have given their hand in hand to motivate and empower themselves. The farmers of the district who have been dependent only on Rain fall spells earlier took the help of NABARD WATER SHED PROGRAM. The farmers have become successful in raising the ground level water through the program. In achieving their target, they have taken the financial support of NABARD AND KFW and ethical support of MITHRA ASSOCIATION FOR SOCIAL SERVICE, Palamaneru, for practicing THE CLIMATE CHANGE ADAPTATION PROJECT and achieved soil enrichment and environment friendly farming practices.

THE CLIMATE CHANGE ADAPTATION PROJECT aims at the natural resources enrichment with the people participation thereby creating livelihood to the poor. In Veernamala Village of Ramakuppam Mandal, Chittoor District, the project has become successful in stopping the migrant farmers, creating livelihood to landless families, providing permanent careeropportunities to craftsmen.The increase in soil fertility, alternative farming practices and farm management methods in Veernamala village brought by MASS organization are now catching the attention of other villages too.

Water is the base of the overall village development. The migrated farmers have now comeback for farming in their own landsdue to the increase in ground water levels. The womenfolk of the village are earning by growingcattle stock.

THE CLIMATE CHANGE ADAPTATION PROJECT is the new ray of hope to Veernamala Village. You must watch this film…https://youtu.be/UeVXYtzVUp0


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