How a poor labourer became a farmer

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A poor farmer couple, Boggam Jayamma and Narasimha Rao of Rajapuram village in Jagannathapuram Mandalam of Khammam District owns just two acres of barren land. As they can not afford to level it and make it cultivable, they used to work as farmworkers, that too, only for 100 days.

At that situation, with a strong desire to bring their barren land into cultivation, they approached the Gram Sabha (Village assembly). Consequently, in April 2015, government sanctioned money to Narasimha Rao, underthe Integrated Participatory Planning Exercise (IPPE)-1. Soon they leaped into action, worked day and nights and finally levelled the land suitable for cultivation. They dug a small rain water harvesting pond for enhancing the soil moisture. In half an acre of land they cultivated paddy and got a maximum yield of 15 bags. In the remaining land they are growing eucalyptus trees.

Jayamma and Narasimha Rao, who were living as farm workers, with their untiring efforts became farmers, by transforming their useless barren land  into a cultivable field. With assured earning they are living happily and educating their two children.

These are the results:

  1. Village Sarpanch Pattilal states,”This tribal couple could develop their land and emerge as model farmers, by ably utilizing the government’s aid through Assured Employment scheme, under the Integrated Participatory Planning Exercise (IPPE)-1 programme.”
  2. Earlier they were depending on the meager earnings through daily coolie works. When they did not get even such works, they decided to migrate for livelihood. At that time, they got the opportunity of developing the land. They utilized it properly, and are now earning on cultivation.
  3. Inspired by the successful efforts of this couple, others too are initiating plans for developing their lands.

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