Green transformation

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Cultivation without the capital is the way of Pullabai

The scientists state that the main reasons for the agriculture being stuck in enormous loss are chemical manure  and pesticides. Six decades after the emergence of green revolution, deeply addicted to the use of chemicals, peasants could not come out of the yoke. Lands, too, reached the condition where in they would be able to yield only when chemicals are profusely used.

Even the tribal people, the children of the jungle, follow the same path. But the emergence of Ekalavya Foundation made all the difference.Because of the ceaseless efforts made by Ekalavya Foundation, girijans of some villages in the mandals of Utnoor and Indravelli started turning into organic farming.

Among them Sedam Pullabai, a Gond girijan woman, deserves our hatsoff.She has been carrying out organic Cultivation in her land of one acre at Mothuguda village, Utnoor mandal, Adilabad district.

She is growing vegetables and pulses without using chemical manure and pesticides. Let us listen to what she says about organic farming, ” less expenditure … more health. I also  used to use chemicals previously for growing my harvest. But Ekalavya Foundation has kindly  educated us regarding the merits and benefits of Organic farming. We came to that the organic farming fosters minimum expenditure and maximum health. Now many farmers are coming forward to follow organic farming as they have been awre of the benefits of it.”


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