Farm…Not work but responsibility

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We come from agriculture family. Since childhood, I loved agriculture. After school gets over, whenever I used to look for my mom and cannot find her at home then I for sure know that she must be at fields. So I ride my bicycle to go and see her. There, Me and my mom remove weed, cut the harvest and undertake other activities. There is something about Roaming in the fields and breathing in fresh air. It made me happy and energetic. As life went by, studies, marriage, kids, house related responsibilities kept me busy. When my kids grew up, I got free time again and my heart started to long towards fields. Most of my relatives rented their lands to someone else to cultivate. On the other hand, I felt that, it is better if we do farming by ourselves instead. With those thoughts, i visited our fields in the weekend, though it’s very far from Hyderabad. In my childhood, we used to grow…But today due to increase in commercial crops, we see …in our fields. I decided to move away from commercial crops that takes more water and pesticides to healthy crops that caters to our health and also can protect the soil fertility. This, we bid goodbye to crops which depend on pesticides. We started to rely on organic fertilizers. In the process, we started to nurture cows, goats, hens in the fields itself in the hope to use its waste as manure in fields. Also we started to cultivate…Along with this, we started to grow vegetables that we need in our day to day life. We are aiming to utilize ancient farming methods that uses less water but can give good and healthy crop ie rich in diet. For me, Farming is not a profession but a way of life. Working in fields is not work but a responsibility. Eating what we grow by ourselves gives me immense satisfaction. Walking in the fields, looking at crops and touching them makes me so happy. There is happiness and satisfaction in giving vegetables that are grown in our fields to friends and relatives. What do humans need more than this. When we give hay, cows gives us milk. When we give manure, land gives us healthy vegetables and grains. For this environment, whatever we do is not enough. All we can do is use ancient organic farming methods that gives land it’s fertility.

Today, in the name of Millet bank, Vishala is trying to revive ancient farming methods to grow millets that are long forgotten. We really appreciate the effort. The relation b/w women and land cannot be described in words. I got connected to the word ‘Daughters of soil’. Seetha devi’s another name is daughter of the land. Today, women farmers are facing a lot of issues due to excess and deficient rainfall and other weather conditions. I believe that due to uncertainty involved, farmer’s struggles can be eradicated only if they are given right price for the crops.

By Kotha Krishnaveni Srinivas


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