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మీరు చేసే ప్రతీ లైక్‌ కి కొంత కరెన్సీ మీబ్యాంకు ఖాతాలో పడుతుంది అంటున్నారు కొందరు యువ సాఫ్ట్‌ వేర్‌ నిపుణులు.ప్రతీ షేర్‌కి మరింత ఎక్కువ డబ్బు మీ జేబులోకి వస్తుంది ? అవును … ఫేస్‌బుక్‌ని ఈ కామర్స్‌గా మార్చిన కొత్త ప్రయోగం ఇది.

ViralBolt lets you earn money by sharing on social networks

Possibillion Technologies, a Hyderabad based technology company, today announced the launch of a new app called ViralBolt that helps people earn money by sharing various promotional campaigns on their Facebook, Twitter or Google+ accounts.

Team of Possibillion Technologies

Speaking about the application, Ayyappa Nagubandi, co founder and CEO, Possibillion Technologies, said, “Social networking sites are the best thing to happen to marketing these days. It has opened up various avenues for businesses to reach customers, existing and potential, in a more personal and honest way than ever before. People love sharing on social media sites. So, why not let them earn money by sharing content?”

Companies will have to download the application and register accordingly. They will then have to tell the app the platform for which they want the campaign – Facebook, Twitter, or Google+. They will then have to select the radius in which the users of the app will be able to see the campaign, select a reward amount, create the campaign, and upload it!

The application also provides a solution to the challenge faced by stores by the emergence of online stores – the dwindling footfall. Business owners can create and upload a campaign that will guide the users, who click on it, to the business’s store. The user, on visiting the store, will be rewarded.

Users will have to download the app, register accordingly, and connect their social media accounts. They will be able to see to different campaigns that have been uploaded by various companies and the reward amount for each share. When they share a campaign, the reward amount will be added to their ViralBolt account. Once they have earned $25, they will be able to claim the amount, which will be paid to them via PayPal.

You can visit for more details. The app can be downloaded from Google Play Store. Visit

About Possibillion Technologies

Possibillion Technologies is a two-year old Hyderabad based technology company that is into creating proprietary products with the potential of making a difference for businesses and users alike. Our products – Viral Bolt and Attabots – have been received warmly by users and businesses, and we hope to grow with such continued support.


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