B P Acharya’s Obtuse Angle

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“We often look at things from an acute angle, that is, with a critical look. But in every event, there is perhaps an `obtuse angle’ that a cartoonist looks for-a funny and humorous side. Having joined civil service, there were obvious restrictions that made me look at civil service and laugh at oneself as they were and I tried to capture that funny side over the last three decades,“ said Acharya.

His cartoons have been published in the wall journal of LBANAA, IAS bulletin of AP, the `money life’ and in many more publications.
The Cartoon show not only elaborates on the travails of a civil servant, but also serves as a window into the past. For instance, the camera-like devices named Bharat Darshan that takes us through popular landmarks across the country.
There are cartoons on VVIP protocols, the G20-Summit with chairs placed corresponding to year wise growth rates, one on a meteorological department predicting a monsoon only to witness abundant sunshine.
All strokes are in black and white. He was so popular with his cartoons that an editor of a popular publication even offered him a job as a political cartoonist, but he’d loved his job too much to give it up.
Acharya has even penned a book on the ‘History of Kakatiyas.’ It’s important to look at history from a wider perspective.
Obtuse Angle is on at Goethe Zentrum, Hyderabad till May 2,2017


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