Akshaya Vidya In Hyderabad slums

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Akshaya Vidya In Hyderabad slums

 Due lack of livelihood and acute unemployment in rural areas people are migrating in large number to urban centres seeking subsistence. In this process, over a period a large number of slums cropped up around Hyderabad. In such areas there are no schools for children. Realising this, Ekalavya Foundation’s Akshaya Vidya (AV) has been running about 26 tuition centres in various parts of slums across the city. These centres provide a conducive learning environment where students can collaborate in learning, get additional support from tutors. Total number of students being benefitted from AV centres is more than 1200.

Photograph shows 120 children (belonging to 4 slums in Borabanda site-3) are being tutored. Four women, who are the natives of those slums, while carrying out college studies,  are teaching the students from class 1 to 6 during night classes.  The students are picking up fast and scoring good marks in English and mathematics.

From slums to success

 “Though my parents are labourers earning very low salary, for our education there are saving the hard earned for our education. Because they were illeterates, our financial condition remained very low. Precisely, due to this reason, we are attending college during the day and tutoring children residing in our vicinity by organising night classes. Though most  of the  these children are studying in government schools, they do not know basics of mathematics, Telugu and English. Immediately after coming out of school they play for long hours and never open books in the house. With constant follow up, we could bring all such children to night classes.  Here,  we teach mathematics in simplistic terms and attempt to creat interest among them to learn Telugu perfectly. As most of them were attending our classes for past one year, they are now disciplined and one can notice remarkable change in their behaviour. They respect their teachers and elders. They are regular in studies and are finishing homework in time. We are putting all our efforts to make them as the shining stars. We thank Eklavya Foundation’s Akshaya Vidya for  training us well to guide and develop the slum children.”

– Sailaja, Anusha, Sivani, Sirisha, Borabanda, Hyderabad.



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