A thriving garden in rocky soil

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A thriving garden in rocky soil

A few years ago, Ketavat Gemya and Ketavat kamli were known as habituated losers in farming. Every time they console mutually, and unmindful of the previous losses, they used to try again and again.

Defeat and depression in every step …

The couple, who belong to Pallegadda tanda in Koudipalle Mandal of Medak District are very fond of farming. Being a rocky soil, their cultivation efforts never succeeded.  In spite of losses, they used to sow corn, and same night,  wild-boars used to dug the field and eat away the sowed seeds.  Like this, it happened again and again, and every time they console each other, by saying “Once again, we ended in a loss”. After some time, they decided to switchover to horticulture. Accordingly, with the support rendered by TDASS, a voluntary organization, they planted 250 mango plants, 90 guava plants, and on the peripheries 250 teak plants. Besides the plants, TDASS arranged a bore well and power supply. The Horticulture Department sanctioned drip irrigation pipes. The couple worked hard, removed the boulders, ploughed the land, and fenced it properly to prevent cattle entry.

Efforts bore good results

Their hard work resulted in success. Their field, which was a barren land filled with stones, soon turned into green. With renewed enthusiasm and interest they took care of the plants and guarded them. Within four years all the trees grew well, and this year they earned an income of Rs.25,000/-. Additionally, they earned equal amount on inter crops, such as tomato, ridge gourd, green gram, etc., The whole village appreciated their efforts.


  1. They never dreamt of growing fruits in such a rocky land. By following sincerely the guidelines provided by experts On planting and manuring they availed expert guidance and succeeded in their Endeavour. Though there is no proper irrigation, they carefully utilized the available water through drip irrigation.
  2. In fact it was a blessing in disguise to have rocks in the filed, because they are shielding water from evaporation. Such soil, compared to other types of soils, retains humidity for longer period, and hence the inter crops are growing well.

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