Tribal students excel in education

government of Telangana

Tribal students excel in education

Tribal children, in general, keep off from schools because, they get engaged in assisting elders in farm works or cattle rearing. But, government of Telangana took up a new innovative of transforming the lives of tribal. Of the total population of the state, tribal population is 3177940. As education alone can change the lives of tribals, Utnuru  Integrated Tribal Development Authority (ITDA) project officer R.V. Karnan initiated a programme of providing higher education to the tribal children.

So as to develop competitiveness amongst the tribal students, he started Star-30 programme. Through STAR-30, he proved that sincere efforts will always pay off. Star-30 programme, which was initiated in 2015 has been producing hundreds of meritorious students competing for higher education.

What is Star-30 ?

Earlier the tribal students studying at Residential schools, run by Tribal Welfare Department, were lagging behind in education after Intermediate, as they did not have proper understanding of higher education. With an aim to provide proper coaching to talented tribal students and also help them in getting placed at premier institutions of higher education in the country, ITDA, Utnoor started Star-30 programme. Among the students who completed Intermediate at  those Residential schools, 30 each from MPC and BiPC streams are selected for coaching to IIT, EMCET examinations. As it selects 30 pupils, the programme was called Star-30. With the special coaching provided, all the 60 students are progressing well in higher education.

Project initiation

ITDA project officer RV Karnan initiated the Star-30 programme for tribal students

ITDA project officer RV Karnan initiated the Star-30 programme for tribal students

The Star-30 programme was created in 2015. In the ITDA Schools, complete infrastructure required for the students was established and special time tables were made. As per the scheme, books, lodging and boarding are provided free of cost.  It is progressing well with the mission of producing gems among tribals. Teachers were given special training. Senior teacher of the Residential School Dr. Srinivasa Swamy was made as the Project Coordinator. Experienced teachers give coaching to  students to face boldly the IIT, EMCET and other entrance tests

These are the Results :

  1. All the students of Star-30 2015 batch had excellent opportunities. Of them, 2 students were selected for IIT, one for NEET and 8 for JNTU.
  2. Last year, two students got admission in IIT, one student got admission in NIT and 8 members got admission in JNTU campus colleges while remaining students were admitted in top engineering colleges of the
  3. For the first time, three tribal students secured good ranks in both JEE Mains and Advanced. Another 18 students were qualified in JEE Mains.

United efforts …

Behind Star-30 programme there are four super stars. Mr. R.V. Karnan, former Project Officer, ITDA and currently the District Collector, Manchiryala was the architect of this project. In the same way Anurag Jayamti, Joint Collector has put special impetus and gave good financial support. Buddha Praksh, Collector, Adilabad encourages the students by boosting their morale. Project Coordinator Dr. Srinivasa Swamy always takes care of the progress and development of students.

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