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(The Clean Air Campaign) Hyderabad.
Launched By Mr.Anurag Sharma IPS. Director General of Police:Telangana state
Initiated by Dr.Vyakarnam Nageshwar , Aswini Allergy Centre Hyd.1800-425-0095.
Hyderabad air pollution Monitored periodically at Multicentric locations.
There is a concern over sizable number of allergy patients or for that matter even in normal healthy individuals, about the surge in symptoms like Dry irritating cough, breathlessness(Asthma/COPD), skin rashes, Watering & itching of eyes, adverse cellular lung reactions, increased prevalence of Hypertension,raise in platelet & leucocyte aggregates causing documented Cardiovasular diseases. It’s now proved that Vehicular diesel smoke pollution inhalation can bring about damaging changes to the DNA & RNA of the fetus in a Pregnant women ,thus resulting in congenital deformities of new born.
Chronic exposure to air pollution drastically affects lung function capacity, increases the risk of CVD, 20% increase in lung cancer rate, alters immunity, induces DNA and chromosomal damage and increases the prevalence of depression and neurobehavioral symptoms, thus increase crime rate.
These above risk factors are also seen in Non allergic group of patients as well, who are continuously getting exposed to high pollution levels. This had driven us to do a study & analysis of Air quality index of the air we breathe, says Allergist & Aerobiologist Dr.Vyakarnam Nageshwar.
Nearly 20% to 30% of people face persistent Upper and lower respiratory symptoms in spite of their medication as they tend to get exposed to continuous air pollution without realizing the hidden risk.
The “Official air quality monitors are normally located away from roads or in a campus or on top of buildings, and that’s not where majority of population spend most of their time, the fact is, most people spend a majority of time in traffic. This had made The Intergrated Allergy standards of India (Indias NGO with conglomeration of Allergist, Aerobiologists, botanists, Food engineering experts, texile engineers etc..)to record the data right on the main roads, where huge traffic exists Dr.Vyakarnam added.
Air pollution is one of the top ten health risks globally faced by human beings, but not so effectively addressed in many regions of the world, the reason is it takes serious involvement of peoples understanding and efforts than merely any governmental strategies & policies. Recent studies by the World Health Organization (WHO) declared that the total number of deaths due to pollution is more than the number of deaths due to AIDS & Malaria combined.
Dr .Vyakarnam Nageshwar a Pulmonologist and Chief Allergist at Aswini Allergy Centre in Hyderabad who has been analyzing the lung functions of different group of populations, blames the heavy increase of vehicular traffic for stressed out health levels. Many areas in hyderabad are crossing the WHO prescribed upper limit of concentration of PM2.5 as 60g/m3.To address the symtoms and advice periodically on Health related issues a National Toll Free Number 1800-425-0095 serves as dedicated helpline for resolving public Pollution related health concerns, answered by a Health expert.
Hyderabad is now seen and projected as favorite international tourist destination for many. This image should not get effected in coming days by due to unchecked High air pollution Levels. Hence, There is a need for a dedicated Body or a steering committee to monitor the Hyderabad’s Air pollution and its health impacts periodically by a focused group involving State Pollution control board, Metrological Department, Doctors(allergists & Aerobiologists),Traffic police, GHMC Officials, Metro Rail works, and others..
Many Motorists fail to understand that, it is desirable to keep the engine off at a 2 to 3 minute RED SIGNAL STOP. Failing to do this will make the lungs of the people around to inhale vehicular smoke, and this is equal to smoke a pack of cigarettes. Thus the number of COPD & Asthma cases have gradually raised in the city.
The SWACHH AAKASH ABHIYAN (The Clean Air Campaign.) will be a periodic monitoring of Air Pollution covering different localities in a phase wise manner. the Data of the Air Pollution will be released as bulletin once in 15days with health advisory note. Shortly steps will be taken to monitor many other cities air pollution in both telugu speaking states. Upon specific request from residents of colonies or gated communities
expert team will visit such locations and conduct complete air pollution analysis & study. Suggestions to note:
1) To Encourage dependency on public transports based on electric engines than diesel engines (Metro rail or MMTS services) electrically run vehicles.
2) Open agricultural residue burning and prevention on open burning of refuse.
3) To promote advanced BS-IV emission norms in many vehicles, most heavy vehicles still have BS-III
4) A serious check needed on autorikshaws, Heavy lorries and busses smoke emission levels.
5) To have continuous water sprinklers at the areas of Metro rail works at least one in 12hrs,thus decreasing the fine dust emissions from work areas.
6) Preventing a very long distance run for a U turn of vehicles. this will further add to more pollution in the city.
7) Prevent using motor vehicle for short distances. best to use Bicycle for short distance domestic needs, which is also good for health.
8) Immediate repair for roads needed as on emergency basis. As a bad or damaged road generates high Particulate matter dust.
9) Develop the culture of growing more number of trees beside roads, as they act as filters for transport of dust.


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