Sustainable livelihoods in tribal area…

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sustainable livelihoods

Village: Baswapur, Mandal: Govindaraopet (jayashankar district)

Five years ago Vanasamakhya introduced Maathota program which is implemented by NABARD. vanasamakhya conducted awareness meeting on land development, 28 farmers were seek interest to develop their fallow land(each farmer 1 acre). They planted mango plants in their field.


The stream named Jampannavaguflows near their lands. But it dries up in summer. Tribes found a solution to this problem. They dug a pond in dried stream. The pond was filled by stream water when it flows. The farmers used this water to irrigate their fields in summer season with motors.

Farmer’s response

‘Our fallow lands are become a cultivable lands through Maathota project’. NABARD Supported to dig a pond in jampannavagu, which provides water in summer season. We are getting additional income through Fish rearing in these ponds.  We planted Mango and amla as a main crops and Henna, Teak and Agave (kittinara)  as a boarder plants.Vanasamakhya officialsgiving trainings on horticulture. Cowpea is being cultivating as inter crops and getting Rs.7,000 income additionally through inter crops.

– MadakamSukkammaNagesh, KadelaKesavulu, Palem; Srinivasulu, SingamNarsaiah

Bussappur Sarpanch Response:

Under Maathota project our fallow lands are developed as Agriculture lands. Our farmers get sustainable livelihoods with this.


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