Slogans fall down along with walls

Slogans fall down along with walls


(A poem for Rohit )

Sometimes when stars come down
And play in our foreyard
I search for you
The color of the flags fades away
Slogans fall down along with walls
Philosophies fly off wearing wings of tombs
Sometime when the nation holds its heart
In its hand and looks at its face
I see the colors of your smiles

Colonies turn free water drinking shadows in the rivers
Lines turn playing chips under the feet of children
Any time when birds give a stage performance
Before people of all religions made to sit together
I hear your heart beat in their voices

All the Gods turn common people
Temples turn doves and perch in foreyards of the schools
One water drop …. An iota of sand … one man
Holding the hair of the caste run around the planets
Sometime when all the hopes of mankind world of words
Turn a single tree and appears
I kiss your dreamy eye balls
That shines in the emerald centuries

I will not be there … neither my house nor this planet will be
Disparities …. Arguments become fossils under the people’s earth
Sometime expecting you to be my guest to my home
I wipe the food plate clean
Boiling my tears as words
Cooking my letters as grains of rice
For you with shivering hands
I wipe the food plate clean even in the void of my absence

Telugu original : Dr.Prasada Murthy “eppudainaa..”
English translation : jagaddhatri

Dr.Prasada Murthy

Dr.Prasada Murthy

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