How Students Have Been Empowering Villages for 12 Years ?

Backstage of the food stalls where village women are engaged in cooking. Cortesy IViL

 How Students Have Been Empowering Villages for 12 Years

Who said students can’t bring about a change?

A student-run organisation based in Chennai has been engaging itself in rural welfare and empowerment projects for more than a decade and you probably haven’t heard of it.

Functioning as an action platform and a discussion forum, the student body was constituted in 2005, following a visit to a village near Chennai by a bunch of B. Tech students on an assignment.

While the assignment dealt with studying various avenues for interaction between rural side of the country and educational institutes, the students realised that a gap existed that could be bridged with collective involvement on their part.

Since then, IViL has been working on various projects including a used footwear collection drive, conducting science fests for rural children in nearby villages, empowering self help groups, to name a few.

“Approved by the campus Student Legislative Council (SLC) and guided by faculty advisors and Dean (Students), the organisation has a flexible, non-hierarchical and non-incentive system. Hence every member at IViL is called a volunteer and has equal right and opportunity to present their ideas and updates”, says Shashank Gupta, an M.Sc Scholar and a volunteer at IViL…

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