Earthworms a Boon to this Farmer

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Earthworms a Boon to this Farmer

Kalla Lakshmi, and her husband migrated to village Kothapalli in search of livelihood. Initially they worked as daily wage workers. Eventually they leased a nine acre dry land and one acre wetland with a 50% output sharing agreement. The use of costly chemical fertilizers, drought situation, and low crop yields dwindled their profits to a mere Rs 15000 per year. Rising living expenses and education fee for their son, attending college forced them to take debt. So, how did they come out of this situation?


 Lakshmi attended the state level livehood programme and became a memeber of Satya Sai Sangam, a Self Help Group (SHG). She learnt how to prepare vermicompost. She went back to the village and borrowed Rs 3000/- from the SHG’s livelihood fund. She prepared the vermicompost and used it for her vegetable farm. She was sucessful in it and produced more and sold it in the market. She sold vermicompost at the rate of Rs 3/- per kg. For 10 quintals of vermicompost she earned Rs 3000 in a month and Rs 36000 in a year. She repaid her debt, bought a lamb, a cow and even paid her son’s fees. Her vegetable yield also increased at lower costs, since she saved on the chemical fertilizers. She also has a mobile phone which she uses to take orders for her vermicompost.


 Vermicomposting helped Lakshmi increased yield and also earn additional income.

 The state livelihood mission sensitized her to use Eco friendly methods of farming and water conservation techniques.

The watershed management programme has helped farmers conserve water and also store water better, thereby increasing ground water levels


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